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Thread: ERROR HTTPUtils.HTTPRequestToByteArray

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    Default ERROR HTTPUtils.HTTPRequestToByteArray

    I am noticing the following error in my EC2 instance error logs:

    ERROR HTTPUtils.HTTPRequestToByteArray :
    |at com.wowza.util.HTTPUtils.HTTPRequestToByteArray(
    |at com.wowza.util.HTTPUtils.HTTPRequestToByteArray(
    |at com.wowza.wms.plugin.amazonaws.ec2.env.ServerListenerEC2Variables.populateEnvironment(
    |at com.wowza.wms.plugin.amazonaws.ec2.env.ServerListenerEC2Variables.onServerConfigLoaded(

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    If you are running on an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) with a Bring Your Own (LicKey) Subscription or Perpetual Edition license key. You can ignore this message.


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    You can find out more about error messages with this troubleshooting article:
    How to troubleshoot error messages


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