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Thread: Can't build custom module using Wowza IDE

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    Default Can't build custom module using Wowza IDE

    Hi, I'm trying to get into writing custom modules for wowza.

    I have installed the Wowza IDE plugin for Eclipse. I copied the example from the UsersGuide.pdf, and added the library wowzamediaserverprosdk_2.0.0.jar to the libraries for the project. But I still cannot compile, as the libraries imported in the example are not found!

    (Have a look at the screenshot)

    Eclipse is only able to see these:

    Am I missing something? Some step I skipped?

    Help would be very much appreciated, thanks!
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    You need to install the Wowza IDE plugin into you eclipse install. It doesn't get added as a Referenced Library.

    Click on Help & Install New Software.

    If you haven already, On the Available Software page, add the Wowza update url by clicking Add and enter the following url
    Once added, you should get the listing for the Wowza IDE plugin. Install this and restart Wowza.

    When you go to create a new project, you should have an option to create a Wowza Media Server Project. When you select this, you will be prompted to configure your Wowza installation location. This will set the correct jar files in the referenced libraries and also set up a build script and debug & launch options.


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