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Thread: Testing Load Balancing Add On

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    Default Testing Load Balancing Add On

    I have implemented Dyanamic Load Balancing Add On in wowza streaming engine trail version. I have some queries regarding testing the load balancing mechanism.

    1. Can we test the load balancing scenario in wowza trail version?. If yes, how can i do it?
    2. How to simulate the high load for testing this scenario?
    3. How to set the threshold value for redirecting the streaming request to the redirect ip address?

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    You can test the Load Balancing addon using the Trial license, but you will not be able to generate high load because the Trial license has a 10 streaming connections limitation.

    You can emulate streaming clients and generate load on a streaming server by using the RTMP Load test tool. You can request this tool using the instructions described here:

    You have the possibility to have the load balancer stop sending client connection to a server that has reached a certain connections threshold. Please take a look at the following forum article: How to stop load balancer redirects when the edge server limit has been reached (ModuleLoadBalancerEdgeLimitConnections)


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    I am in a similar scenario. I have set up an origin and two edge servers. I have set up a test tool server using a trial license. I have added the load balancer add-on and I can query the origin (load balancer) and it will return one of the two edge servers. However, when I place load on the origin using the load test tool, the origin absorbs or serves the load and I never see the edges receive any traffic/stream requests.

    1) Is this the proper test scenario?
    2) Where should I look for the issue if it is? Test tool logs? Origin Wowza logs? Edge Wowza logs?

    David Lee
    Clemson University

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    The load test tool is not designed to work with the Live Repeater (origin/edge). You want to test an edge, so make an edge the server you are load testing. The load test client will generate playback load on that edge. You can publish a live stream to that edge or start an origin stream and use that in the test. This should give you a general idea what that edge can handle.


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