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Thread: Resolution issue during scheduled vod streaming

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    Default Resolution issue during scheduled vod streaming


    I've set up a publisher to stream scheduled videos and it works fine so far.
    A couple days ago, I found a problem which happened when a video ended and the next one started.
    The image became black, with some mosaic grid all over it(just like the video has been broken).
    But if I close the player and open it again, the video seemed totally fine.(I use Silverlight player btw)

    After some tests, it seems to me that the reason would be the different resolution of each video.
    Every time A video of resolution A switches to B video of resolution B, the image breaks.
    But if I replace B video with C video of resolution C=A, the switch goes smoothly without problems.

    Is this true that I can only put videos of same resolution together in a playlist for scheduled streaming or else it just goes wrong when videos switch over?
    I'm wondering if wowza supports this scenario?

    Another idea is that Silverlight simply doesn't deal with this situation...


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    This is a player issue, you may find in other players the stream continues to play throughout.
    Wowza doesn't stop the stream at any time during the switch and it's the player that does not deal with the change very well.


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    Thank you Jason,

    I'll look into Silverlight and see if this can be solve.


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