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Thread: 3.6 to 4 upgrade

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    Default 3.6 to 4 upgrade

    What is the recommended way to do a clean upgrade thousands of Application.xml from 3.6 to 4.0 version?

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    In order to upgrade your Wowza server version to the latest 4.x, a full server installation is required.
    The upgrade procedure is described in the Wowza 4 Upgrade Guide article.
    There are some structural differences in the configuration xml files. You will need to see all the additions/removals that need to be applied to the new configuration files and use bash scripting to automate the adjustments.


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    How can i upgrade my existing perpetual Wowza streaming server 3.5 to Wowza 4 without downtime
    Based on upgrade page :

    1. Sign a destruction letter, which states that your current perpetual license will no longer be active seven (7) days after the letter is signed. (Please allow two (2) business days to process the destruction letter.)
    2. After we receive and process the letter, we will send you a redemption code for each license you need to upgrade. Be assured, you will receive the redemption codes prior to the deactivation of the old license.
    is that mean i will have 5 days transit period that i can use both servers for migration ?

    - is there are any transit period (like monthly subscriber) that i can migrate my application, do required modification, and test them from 3.5 to 4 without any down time ?
    - can i use trial license for Wowza 4 then replace it with my perpetual license ?
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    You will need to uninstall the previous version of Wowza before installing the latest version. And you will need to recreate all configuration files for Wowza 4. You can back up the previous config files and use them as a reference but it is ill advised to copy old files to the new Wowza version as it will cause unexpected behavior.

    You could use a monthly license to get the upgrade set up and running, or use a trial version. Keep in mind the Transcoder with the trial license will have a water mark on transcoded streams.


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