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Thread: How to append the file in content folder

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    Default How to append the file in content folder


    I'm start using to wowza stream engine. I wondering about the file append options in live app and nDVR app.
    I need to append the streaming file in content folder. How can i enable file append option in wowza streaming engine ?


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    Hi there, if you are simply using a StreamType of "live-record" to record the streams, you could add these properties to the Application.xml/Streams properties:
    If you are planing on using the Live Stream Record API, from the Engine Manager GUI, then you would:
    1: Use a StreamType of "live", leave "record all streams" unchecked.
    2: In the Application Properties tab, under the "StreamRecorder Defaults" tab set the "streamRecorderVersioningOption" to "append" save and restart the application.
    3: In the left side bar of the Engine Manger window, (with the live stream being published) choose "Incoming Streams" and select the incoming stream to record
    4:Click on the red "record" button(circle) to see the recording options, click on the "Segmentation" tab to confirm that "Segmentation Option" is set to none, and "Versioning Option" is set to "Append to existing file". Click record.

    For more information please see this article:
    How to record live streams (Wowza Streaming Engine)

    To append in an nDVR application, edit the Application.xml file and the change DVR/ArchiveStrategy property to "append" NOTE: this property is set to append by default.
    For more info please see this guide:
    Wowza nDVR Quick Start Guide


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    Thank you,

    This code will working fine.
    so, i've to enable the recording option for every stream name.
    why you are not give this option for default. if i enable once its applicable for all the streams.


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    With a StreamType of "live-record" every stream published to the application will be recorded in its entirety. "live-record" is very limited in this way, so if you need more control over how and what streams are recorded you can use the LiveStreamRecord API.


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    The reason "append" is not the default setting is because it is not necessarily the best option for all cases. It could append a bad recording to a good one.

    If there is no worry about network connections from various client locations, you can use "append" but if recordings are not always reliable you might not want to use "append"


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    If i want record all incoming streams in default means i would have put the code in Application.xml file. Is that only option to do this?

    what i'm asking means you are give a check box options for record all incoming streams so, like that i'm asking like that append all incoming record streams or versioning all incoming record streams.

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    In the Wowza manager, in the Application Setup tab, you can select "Record All Streams". In the Application Properties tab there are a number of StreamRecord properties. These settings will affect all streams for that application, in other words, there is a not a way in the manager to select different behaviors for different streams. You can do that in an application module with some coding.


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