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Thread: Can nDVR Stream play in default Media Player on Android 4.0 above?

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    Default Can nDVR Stream play in default Media Player on Android 4.0 above?

    When I play nDVR streams with my Android Appplication through default Media Player, it just only works as live streams, and I can not view back previous content. When I play a test of my nDVR stream on, it work properly. I don't forget adding the "?DVR" at the end of the link.

    Please help me.
    Thank to see.

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    Hello, nDVR doesn't not work with RTSP (Android). You can use the same stream from an RTSP/Android device, however, you should omit the ?DVR query in the URL which will provide a "normal" stream without a time-shift capability.

    I suggest you take a look at the Wowza DVR tutorial and note the instructions in the Playback section.


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    Hi salvadore, I play my nDVR stream using HLS.

    In my instance, I play my nDVR stream with a link similar with http:/
    It work well when I test with VLC, I can use time-shift function. However, when I use that link for my Android App, I can not use time-shift capability and the stream works like a "normal" stream.
    I want to know "With default Media Player on android, can HLS streams play as nDVR streams which have time-shift capability? "

    Thank you.

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    The default player on Android, even when using HLS, does not support nDVR (time-shift) functionality.


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