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Thread: AAC transcoder speeding up stream

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    Default AAC transcoder speeding up stream


    I had a license to wowza 3.5.2 and now I'm migrating my solution to 4.0.1, since it supports the DASH protocol. However, to use DASH, I need to have an aac streaming and this is possible just with a transcoder. And then the problem occurs.

    I'm using the default audioonly.xml transcoder, but instead of Passthrough I used disabled to video (since my solution is an online radio, i don't need this). My source of stream is an Icecast, and I'm importing it as Shoutcast stream. When I import, the transcoder works, showing me the transcoded stream, but the audio is way faster than the original one (In any protocol, I tested in RTMP, RTSP (VLC Player) and DASH, seems that it's not a protocol issue). I don't have a clue about what is occurring. Did this problem happened before? Can someone help me with this issue?

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    Hi Joćo

    I see you've raised a ticket with us and we have replied to you with a request for your configuration and log files.

    If you're still experiencing problems then please update us via your ticket, ref: 86869. Otherwise, best wishes.


    Wowza Media Systems Support

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