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    Did another upgrade on a client today and getting kind of reliant( maybe lazy ) with the speed of configuration in the UI vs my scripts I have to modify or get back into the groove of the config files.. It's been nice until I got into custom logging settings for people. Would be great if, (i know you wowza peeps know whats coming here) the log properties were modifiable in the UI. Even if its a grid in some logging advanced tab where we could modify/enable even the strings for each logging element. I know this could open a pandora's box for noobs, heck throw up a warning saying that they will nuke their start-up if they don't know what they are doing.
    Thanks again for the UI and for making more time for coffee breaks!

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    Thank you for the suggestion and feedback. I will pass it on to our product management team.

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    Thanks Matt, I do realize that some of the properties can be modified by using the advanced privilege levels, but there is nothing specific to changing or enabling elements for the logs-unless I am missing something. thanks again.

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    That is right, at least at present: there is not a feature in the manager to customize the logs. It is a possible future feature, but I don't have a time frame.


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