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Thread: System Specification requirement for thousands users

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    Question System Specification requirement for thousands users


    I am using Wowza in origin edge configuration. I want to ensure the capacity of my current configuration.

    I am using m1.xlarge EC2 instance for edge purpose with below I/Os:
    1. 1mbps H.264 input
    2. transrating to 3 different bitrates (1mbps (passthrough), 600kbps, 400kbps )
    3. Recording all these videos for all bitrates in hourly basis.

    So, my concern here is suppose I want to support 5000 users at a time for a single channel say.
    1. Will this configuration be enough. If not what you would suggest.
    2. Suppose, if I don't want to use EC2, use local server only. What would be the specification for the same.

    Note: For VOD I would maintain separate server. Please consider for VOD as well.

    Please let me know, if more details required

    Thanks in advance

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    m1.xlarge should have a 1000mbps connection. With 5000 users at 0.6mbps you would need over 3gbps to sustain them. So more like 4 of these servers load balanced.

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