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Thread: Do I need 3rd party player to provide VOD?

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    Default Do I need 3rd party player to provide VOD?

    Hi All;

    Warning: very simple question ahead.

    I'm setting a VOD server, and I would like to provide support to many devices (iPhones, iPads, Android phones & tablets) and computers (Windows) as possible.

    Do I need to have a player like JW Player or can just stream using the html5 video tag and assume that the default player is going to work?

    However i would like to have security to prevent leeching, downloading, copying etc.

    So does it means that i need a 3rd party player pls?

    Many thanks


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    Hi, Lucio,

    Welcome. Take a look at JW Player 6, which will provide playback support for desktop and iOS devices.

    And take a look at the Wowza Security Overview.


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