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Thread: autoreconnect player for livestreaming

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    Default autoreconnect player for livestreaming

    hello iam using a embed flash player for livestreaming.
    but user must click on play every time the streaming get disconnected.
    how i enable autoreconnect on my flash embed player? so users can reconnect automatically without clicking play.

    this the embed i use,
    <embed src="" height="360" width="640" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" autostart="true" flashvars="&bandwidth=640&controlbar=over&file=220&mute=true&plugins=viral-2d&streamer=rtmp://"/>

    i hope someone can answer this post

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    It looks like you are using JW Player 5, or perhaps JW Player 4. I would get JW Player 6, then use their javascript API as discussed in this JW Player forum thread.

    There was once a JW Player plugin for versions 4 and 5 that would wait for and reconnect a live stream as you describe, but it doesn't seem to available any longer.


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