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Thread: EC2 Wowza 4.01 - can't login

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    Question EC2 Wowza 4.01 - can't login

    Hi Chaps, hoping to find a resolution here. I also found a bit of a big in the Amazon Cloudstack script, I think.

    But first, here's my problem: I've followed the step by step instruction to setup Wowza on EC2, as per the very helpful Amazon Developer guide. Problem is, now that I have this up and running, when I try to login I get this error:

    Wowza Streaming Engine Manager could not connect to the Wowza Steaming Engine (http://localhost:8087). Verify that the Wowza Streaming Engine service has started and is running.

    So to confirm, I can get to the login page, and have the correct username and password as per the output from when the AIM package was setup. Perhaps the error is around the "localhost" setting? Maybe that should be pointing to my actual server instead?

    So here's the BUG I found! Clearly, the older version of your product required port 8086 to be used to connect to the Streamengine. In version 4 though, it's 8088. Trouble is, as part of the AIM setup, it only opens up port ranges 8084-8086! Whoops... once you edit this to go up to 8088, viola! You can connect.

    May need to let them know, being a "free" user, AMZ don't value my opinion enough to give me access to support / forums...

    Anyway, help much appreciated please. I'm very green at this stuff.

    My server is here:

    EDIT1: managed to putty into the install, noticed that both the services were stopped. Ran the / script, "seeems" like it is running, however still won't allow me to login. Reviewing the execution, this is at the top of the script:

    Configure logging: file:///usr/local/WowzaStreamingEngine/conf/
    ERROR server comment - ServerUtils.loadServerListener: Error creating <ServerListener> (com.wowza.wms.plugin.mediacache.impl.MediaCacheServerListener) : java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.wowza.wms.plugin.mediacache.impl.MediaCacheServerListener|at$|at$|at Method)|at|at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(|

    EDIT2: rebooted the instance to see if that may restore things. Here's an excerpt from the logs, it looks like the services simply start, but stop shortly after:

    ***** script output start *****
    Tuning Wowza Streaming Engine: m3.large
    Disk Capacity [/media/ephemeral0]: 29G
    MediaCache: MediaCacheStore/MaxSize: 20G
    ***** script output stop *****
    license-key: ET1A4-wkwAr-Y7pjh-zmvtx-pdpcR-xxww-vHxp4J4ecf3
    Wowza Streaming Engine 4 for Amazon EC2: Setting file permissions
    [ OK ]
    WowzaStreamingEngine started PID1481)
    WowzaStreamingEngineManager stopped
    WowzaStreamingEngineManager: starting...
    [ OK ]
    WowzaStreamingEngineManager started PID1509)
    Starting crond: [ OK ]

    Starting atd: [ OK ]

    Starting jexec servicesRunning cloud-init user-scripts (none found)[ OK ]

    Amazon Linux AMI release 2013.09
    Kernel 3.4.76-65.111.amzn1.x86_64 on an x86_64

    ip-172-31-12-231 login: /dev/fd/11: line 1: /sbin/plymouthd: No such file or directory
    initctl: Event failed
    Stopping atd: [ OK ]

    WowzaStreamingEngineManager: stopping...
    Waiting for process (1509) to exit...
    [ OK ]
    WowzaStreamingEngineManager stopped
    Stopping sshd: [ OK ]

    Shutting down sm-client: [ OK ]

    Shutting down sendmail: [ OK ]

    Shutting down vsftpd: [ OK ]

    Stopping crond: [ OK ]

    Shutting down ntpd: [ OK ]

    Stopping block device availability: Deactivating block devices:
    [ OK ]

    Stopping system message bus: [ OK ]

    Stopping auditd: [10204.772846] type=1305 audit(1396013450.125:127): audit_pid=0 old=1212 auid=4294967295 ses=4294967295 res=1
    [ OK ]

    [10204.876352] type=1305 audit(1396013450.229:128): audit_enabled=0 old=1 auid=4294967295 ses=4294967295 res=1
    Shutting down system logger: [ OK ]

    Shutting down interface eth0: [ OK ]

    Shutting down loopback interface: [ OK ]

    Sending all processes the TERM signal... [ OK ]

    Sending all processes the KILL signal... [ OK ]

    Saving random seed: [ OK ]

    Unmounting file systems: [ OK ]

    init: Re-executing /sbin/init

    [10207.625923] EXT4-fs (xvda1): re-mounted. Opts: (null)
    Please stand by while rebooting the system...
    [10207.762221] Restarting system.

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    Try adding port 8088 (manager port) to the EC2 Security Group and see if that clears this up.
    Take a look at the EC2 User Guide for more information


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    Default Can't login to Wowza Streaming Engine Manager

    I have the same issue and am unable to login to the Streaming Engine Manager. I have ensured that port 8088 is added to the security group rules and that the service is running. Have also restarted the service but to no avail.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    In your Server.xml file, change IPWhitelist value from to *



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    I'm experiencing this same issue and I have changed the IPWhitelist value from to *

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Timothy, Gerry,

    I'm not sure about using the Cloudstack, as I understand it this is maintained by AWS, and there have been problems using it. But integrating a Wowza EC2 instance with CloudFront is very easy following this guide


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