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Thread: Media engine 4 configuration with custom module?

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    Question Media engine 4 configuration with custom module?

    I'm using HDFVR and it had a custom module with Wowza 3.x but I don't see anywhere in the gui to configure a custom module. Do I manually add it in the application.xml?

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    You can add modules and properties through the GUI.

    Choose an application to add the module to, and choose the "Modules" tab, "Edit" and choose Add Module. And in the "Properties" tab, and at the bottom of the list choose Custom/Edit.

    Or you can add them through the Application.xml file as per the previous Wowza versions configuration process.


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    I don't see a 'Modules' tab on the application page.

    I will also note, the manager doesn't work right in IE 11. The edit buttons don't do anything. I had to use Chrome. Wondering if the module tab doesn't display correctly in some browsers? I also don't see the properties section in an application.
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    You may need to grant yourself permission to access these features, if you have not done so already.

    Under the "Server" section of the UI, from the left sidebar choose "Users" select the user you wish to grant advanced permissions to and Edit.
    And choose Allow access to advanced properties and features.

    See this section of the Quick Start Guide:


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    That worked, thanks.

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    Great! Glad I could help.


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