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Thread: Hit License Limit for Live Stream Transcoders

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    Default Hit License Limit for Live Stream Transcoders

    I have the perpetual license for wowza with the transcoder addon. I am currently streaming from a mobile device using GoCoder. I am able to access the streams using the ngrp:mystream_all which consists of 360p, 240p and 160p streams. In the log file however I see "Hit License Limit for live stream transcoders".

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    If you have a Trancoder license for one channel, then it's possible this limit could be hit if the GoCoder unpublishes the stream but then quickly publishes again,
    before the transcoder AddOn has a chance to recognize this.
    It could just be a matter of timing, but should clear up. If this prevents you from publishing at all, you should let us know.


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    Thank you Daren.

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