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Thread: Live streaming with dynamic video scheduling

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    I'm looking to develop an application which have an administration portal, where the user will be able to add the order of the videos that should play and it between they will add small video clips for advertising purposes. All the videos schedule list are added in the mysql database and I want to do a server side module with wowza to get the videos schedule order from the mysql database and play. I tried to develop the application and I was able to play the first video, but I don't know how to get the rest of the videos and play back to back one after another in the order of the database.

    I can't use the smil file, because it needs to restart the application and the basic idea of this application is to provide the ability for the users to change the order of the videos at anytime they want via the dashboard on the admin panel. If you could assist me in someway to track the end of each video played and switch to the next video it will be grateful.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Also, for this type of workflow, you may want to look at invoking the IPublishingProvider API directly. It will give you more control over how the streams are inserted into the output stream.

    FYI, The Stream class is a higher level interface to this API. At an even lower level is interacting with the Publisher class directly.


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