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Thread: Is there any channel Limit in Wowza Transcoder?

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    Default Is there any channel Limit in Wowza Transcoder?


    Im using wowza streaming engine and transcoder trial for the last one month. I really like the Transcoder addon. We are in development of a OTT platform now. so we are looking for a better transcoder. We found that wowza is good for us. But in the trial version we can only transcode one channel. It would be appreciated if any one could help me on the following queries.

    1. How many channles can we transcode using a single Wowza server if we buy licensed version of wowza?

    2.what wowza will cost for the transcoder and streaming engine?


    Vishnu Prasad

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    Hello Vishnu,

    To answer your questions:

    1. Using a subscription license, you would be limited to the capacity of the machine you are transcoding on. Please see our benchmarking to obtain a general idea of what you might expect from our transcoder on a resource level.

    2. Please take a look at our pricing guide for transcoder.



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    Thanks for your feedback matt.


    Vishnu Prasad

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