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Thread: How to configure SMIL file for a VOD app with dynamic content directory

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    Default How to configure SMIL file for a VOD app with dynamic content directory


    I'm currently switching my one stream live-record application into an ABR (3 streams 1080p / 720p / 360p) applications. Everything seems good for the live playing and all my streams are recorded into my recording directory.

    I have another VOD application that use the recording directory of the first application as a playlist. My problem is that now i have 3 times the same files (once for each resolution) and i don't know how to configure my smil file for my vod application. In fact i'm able to hardcode smil file for each of my 3 streams but I want the application to generate the smil file for each 3 files couple in the content directory.

    How to do that?

    Best regards


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    Ok, so i'm answering myself.

    I found this thread with somebody having the same problem as me so i'm beginning coding a new module to provide me smil files.

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