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Thread: Wowza EC2 autotuning custom AMI question

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    Default Wowza EC2 autotuning custom AMI question

    When we choose the AMI for wowza from the amazon marketplace (lets say we pick m1 small), I understand that wowza 4 is all autotuned now. We are making some changes on this image and saving it as our own AMI.

    If we use this new created AMI to launch (lets say c3 xlarge), will the autotuning make sure that the new instance size resources are used or will it set it up like the m1 small as originally?

    Thank you

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    It should be the case that it will adjust to utilize the new resource potential.

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    cool thanks

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    You're welcome. I did a simple test setting up Wowza on a cloud instance (ensuring that java tuning settings were in production mode) and then increased resources (in this case memory) available to it. Upon doing so, Wowza was able to dynamically adjust its max heap size after upgrade.

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    thanks for the test, that sounds great !

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