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Thread: Put transcoder MBR streams to streamzilla?

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    Question Put transcoder MBR streams to streamzilla?

    Hi guys,

    we have a wowza 4 installation with the transcoder addon.

    Is it possible to bring my MBR streams available on my streamzilla streams also including a backup rtsp stream - does anybody have experience in that issue?

    streamzilla actually use the wowza 3.5 - can i use my account there as edge-server of my transcoder?

    Thank you very much in advance!

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    If you have direct access to Wowza servers on streamzilla you can set them up as edge servers. It is best to have edge and origin be the same version of Wowza. This is the basic Live Stream Repeater guide

    You could also use PushPublish, which includes a flag to identify ABR sets, to push to a streamzilla Wowza origin


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