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Thread: How to add ontextData after transcoding

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    Default How to add ontextData after transcoding

    i want to inject meta data after transcoding is done. currently im adding ontextdata with transcoding . but client side i dnt see any data coming along with the stream

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    Wowza does not support adding cuepoints to a file. It has to be done during recording of a live stream.
    Please take a look at these guides for setting this up:
    How to inject cue points or metadata
    How to configure closed captioning for live streaming

    There are 3rd party tools, e.g. Captionate, that will add cuepoints to files.


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    can we add CEA 608 captions in live stream. if yes den how ..??

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    The way to get CEA-608 into a live stream (if you don't have an encoder that does this) is to setup for closed captions using OnTextData by first following this guide.

    Then inject OnTextData using this method.
    The tool in the above can be adapted to accept text in different ways. The full configuration will convert the OnTextData to CEA-608 in real-time.
    The CEA-608 will then make it through the transcoder process.


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