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Thread: My first nDVR playback not working

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    Question My first nDVR playback not working

    Pls Help. I am a newbie to DVR.

    I have installed a trial version of wowza 4.0.3 streaming engine on my ubuntu 12.0.4 and ran in the examples dir, restarted the server and am able to see that dvr application is getting listed under the live section on the LHS in the Wowza admin server's application page.

    Now I go to "Stream files" link and create a stream name: "test6" and filled up the url as "rtsp://" which is a url that provides H264 video and no audio - on RTP H264 payload generated through gstreamer software.

    I am able to view the origin stream url without issues on any media player.

    I click the "connect to stream" link in the dvr application page against the "" stream entry. Now Iam able to view the stream using the rtmp url version of the stream: "rtmp://localhost:1935/dvr/" in the "test players" link.

    but if I use the following url "" in the page at file:///usr/local/WowzaStreamingEngine-4.0.3/examples/LiveDVRStreaming/FlashHTTPPlayer/player.html? on=Connect

    It says "Error #2032:Stream Error.URL:"

    Removing the "?DVR" also doesnt work.

    At least if someone provides exact step by step instructions to see nDVR working with any sample rtsp/rtmp urls as input feed, it would be good enough for me.

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    Does it work in the Flash HTTP player without the ?DVR querystring ?

    In the Wowza access log, after the stream is started, you will see packetization lines showing codec info and the first 10 packets. What do you see there? You can paste in those lines.

    You might want to disable packetizers that you are not using (smooth and/or cupertino), just so the logging is less cluttered.


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