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    Could someone help me on how to configure a backup server (failover server) for a primary wowza server (I have 2 wowza server). I'm having a live application on a primary wowza server and I dont know how to configure a backup/failover server for the primary wowza server. My concern is when the primary server down due to any reason and the failover server should automatically takes up the stream and allows the live streams without any interruption.


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    Hi Sathish,
    There is nothing built-in to do exactly what you are looking for. But you can configure fail-over with Live Stream Repeater:
    How to configure a live stream repeater
    Setting up originURL(s)
    NOTE: In the event that the primary origin server fails, clients may experience up to a 12-second timeout before failover to the backup origin server is completed.

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    You can not do this without any interruption - this is due to the RTMP architecture. You can use a separate server for publishers to proxy with the ability to track the primary origin and the possibility of switching to an alternate origin when primary is down. This server can be created on the wowza server using PushPublisherRTMP class, or third-party software, like nginx-rtmp module, HAproxy, etc. Delivery infrastructure can be constructed using live stream repeater, as described in live stream repeater reference.

    Also, in any case, you will have a single point of failure, except using backup url in FMLE.

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