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Thread: Getting ./ line 32: error on Restart

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    Default Getting ./ line 32: error on Restart


    I am running Wowza Media Server 3.6.2 on a OS X 10.8.5 server and had to install some software update for a Drobo RAID (i.e. Drobo Dashboard 2.5.3) which I had to restart the server. After restarting I get the following error...

    /Library/WowzaMediaServer/bin/ line 32: command not found

    I didn't modify anything, but install the software and restart the server.

    What is going on? Any suggestions?

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    Also, I have been running without issues for 6 months +, until I restarted now I get this error and the server isn't running.

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    Originally, I received the following, but apbsolute path and then I received the error about...

    /Library/WowzaMediaServer/bin/ line 32: command not found

    I went back to . ./ and cd into /Library/WowzaMediaServer-3.6.2/bin/ and then ./

    Strange, does appear the launchd item is properly launching on startup. Will need to debug that more.

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