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    Hi there ... I've an issue with DVR on some devices that don't support query strings on HLS urls. As getting firmware upgraded by vendor will take long, I'm wondering if there's any way to play with AliasMapping to hide the querystring (I couldn't figure if it's possible)
    So, basically, we play once in a while extract of DVR recordings under the form of

    http://[wowza_ip]ort/[app]/[stream_name]/playlist.m3u8?dvr&u1=xxxxx&u2=xxxxx where u1 and u2 are utc values for the extraction of content. We are using our own delegate for that
    As I said, some devices don't accept the querystrings after ".m3u8"

    Is there any alias mapping to translate a regular call to use querystrings in the back?
    for instance
    which eventually opens


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    I don't think aliasing or using .play files will work, because the querystring is not part of the stream name. And I don't think the HTTP redirect method will work because it just sending 302 redirect to the client with that url + querystring. What device is it? Does it support DVR playback?


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    Thanks for prompt response
    They are set-top-boxes, and no, they don't support the playback of any url which has something after .m3u8
    Actually, it's not the first time I see this. I've faced many devices which don't play anything with querystrings (even some well known brands) ... most of the time, vendor upgrades firmware and issue is solved
    In this particular case, not sure vendor will do it as it's a legacy model and vendor is kind of shutting down. I was just searching for alternatives

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