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Thread: Does higher bit rate equate to higher bandwidth?

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    Default Does higher bit rate equate to higher bandwidth?

    Good morning,

    We are currently using Flash Media Live Encoder in conjunction with Wowza Streaming Engine. In the past we limited bit rate on streams to 250 as we wanted users to set their bit rate in FMLE to 200kbps or lower. Recently it seems FMLE is streaming above the 200kbps even though it is set at 200kbps for the video and audio is deselected.

    So first question, does the bit rate set on the clients FMLE effect our bandwidth usage on our server since we are accepting their stream? I assume it would on the way out since a higher quality stream in means a higher quality stream out.

    Second question, does anyone know why FMLE is going above the set bit rate and how we might limit it?

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    Hi Frank, yes higher quality streams will consume more of your servers bandwidth.

    This guide shows how to disconnect streams that exceed a specified size:
    How to monitor bandwidth of published streams (ModuleLimitPublishedStreamBandwidth)


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    Hey again Salvadore.

    We actually have the code working to keep users from streaming with higher bit rates. Unfortunately when the bit rate is set in Flash Media Live Encoder on the users end that program isn't actually adhering to the setting and will go up and over. So even though the user has set it correctly they are being punished due to the program disobeying. Not sure what to do at this point.

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    The encoder is in control of the stream's bitrate, of course. The only thing to do is to allow some tolerance in your settings. If you don't want 1mbs+ streams, but you don't mind 500kbs streams, you might allow up to 700 or 800kbs.


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