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Thread: DVR Window moving

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    Default DVR Window moving

    Hi guys,

    Hopefully somebody may be able to help us.

    We've been recording a number of streams using Transcoding and nDVR functionality together. We've set a DVR time window of 1 hour to prevent issues with longer times. We find that for some of our streams, after a few hours, the DVR time window starts to exceed an hour, sometimes over 2 and a half hours. When this happens eventually we get issues with playback and the stream breaks. If we play the non transcoded DVR stream, the issues doesn't occur.

    Has anybody else experienced this issue before? Also, is there an easy way to manually purge the DVR files. That way at least we can delete the corrupt DVR files and start recording from 0 again.

    Many thanks for any assistance!!

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    I have not heard a similar report myself. What version of Wowza are you using? Are there any issues with the source of these videos, perhaps, unexpected outages, for example?


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