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Thread: Automatic VOD file conversion

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    Default Automatic VOD file conversion

    I'm looking for a sw able to check watchfolder, then when is present a video file with any extension must be able to make conversion using ffmpeg string, then move the file in another directory and delete the original file .
    I want install this sw in my wowza server for automatic VOD file conversion,
    so, is available one commercial software with this features ?
    which sw use the wowza users for this purpose ? any suggestion ?



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    Hi Steve, please see this article and 3rd party option:
    How to use with Wowza Media Server


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    Hi Salvadore,

    for tell the truth I'm looking for a local sw ready to install directly in my server ...



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    Hi Steve,

    Depending on what you are looking for, some I can think of are:

    Telestream Episode -

    Sorenson Squeeze -

    These would run on Windows or Mac. For Linux, a script running ffmpeg would probably work quite well.


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    Hi Roger,

    ok thanks,
    Telestream Episode is exactly what I'm looking for


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    I'll share my experiences with this unique client requirements.

    The requirements
    1) Video Management System must be installed locally on premise because of thier 10TB storage
    2) Video output for desktop @ 850kbps and mobile 450kbps, mp4 h264/aac
    3) streaming server hosted in datacenter

    We developed VMS just to manage video and store in their 10TB storage.
    Every uploaded video will be queued for encoding done by Handbrake CLI
    InCrontab will detect newly uploaded video and will send the encode job to HandbrakeCLI
    After finishied the encode job with success status, VMS will store the video METADATA to MySQL Database
    In datacenter with 200mbps bandwidth, we install single wowza server and use MediaCache to serve the VOD
    We tuned the Mediacache to increase the workers for VOD fetch as our videos always in 500mb-1gb range in size
    We use Grind Player with HLS Plugin to serve the VOD for desktop and and JWPlayer HTML5 for mobile devices also in HLS

    Hopes this can give you some clues. We use almost OSS ( Open Source Softwares ) for our deployments.

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