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Thread: RTMP live streaming issue

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    Default RTMP live streaming issue

    I have a problem with my live streaming.
    I was using Wowza 3.6.3 and everything worked fine, then I upgraded Wowza to the Wowza Streaming Engine.
    Now my live streaming drop every 5 min ca.
    When I try to strem more then one video, the playback is getting worst.
    I checked the logs and I don't see any issue.

    Could you give me an advice to resolve my problem?

    This is my URL streaming: rtmp://

    Thank you in advanced and sorry for my english.


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    Perhaps you could describe your configuration in more detail?
    What live encoder are you using? Are you doing any transcoding?
    How does the system resource usage look while the stream is running? CPU %, bandwidth available etc?
    If it gets worse with more streams, it seems like low system resources.


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    I'm using Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2 as encoder. I set the application in a live configuration. I activated Apple HLS, Adobe RTMP, Adobe HDS, RTP/RTSP and i didn't touch anything else.
    I'm not doing any trancoding. I changed version of wowza because I had some problem with the Java Heap Space, but now with the new one I tuned the performance right and I don't have errors in my logs anymore. I took a look on my resource while the streaming is running. CPU Usage is no more then 10%. Wowza Heap never more then 5% (277MB). Total Memory never over 20% (2,230 GB). The Total Disk instead is more then 80%. It might be this the problem? The hard disk? The bandwithd should be not a problem.
    With more streams it getting worse, but not so much.

    Thank you

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    I had this stream playing for awhile yesterday without issues, but today I see a frozen image. If that is the issue, it is most likely a problem on the source side, the network or encoder (which is possibly an IP camera)

    if it is an IP camera, take a look at the Advanced MediaCaster Monitor. This monitor is built-in to Wowza Streaming Engine 4, which I suggest upgrading to


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