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Thread: Stream methods for most device compatibility?

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    Question Stream methods for most device compatibility?

    We currently have wowza setup for RTMP and HLS but we find that still some devices still can't play the MP4 videos.
    We use JWPlayer 6 pro and unfortunately on Android RTMP/HLS do not work with this player however with videoJS HLS does work on Android in HTML5 player.

    Are there any other streaming methods we can add for more compatibility?

    Direct links to the videos make it compatible on all devices since it will load the file in the device player.
    The only thing we do not like about this is that we cannot switch language tracks like when streaming RTMP/HLS in wowza.

    Besides RTMP and HLS are there other streaming methods available in wowza?

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    Most, if not all Android devices should support RTSP streaming. And older Android devices support Flash HTTP (San Jose, HDS) as well as RTMP streaming. Latest Android devices support HLS
    RTSP to mobile devices can be difficult, however. Start here:
    How to troubleshoot RTSP/RTP playback

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    I was hoping that there was some sort of direct MP4 streaming instead of RTSP/RTMP/HLS
    so like
    instead of using rtmp:// rtsp:// or playlist.m3u8

    the HLS pushes a MP2T stream to the player and most players have no idea what MP2T is so can't use it.
    Same for rtmp or rtsp protocol, the players have no clue what these are.

    When I provide the direct link to a video, the player (any) tries to download the whole thing before playing as opposed to progressively playing it

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