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Thread: Wowza+EC2 on Verizon.. Throttling

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    Unhappy Wowza+EC2 on Verizon.. Throttling

    On Monday 4/14 I started to notice problems with our intercampus stream which uses an Amazon EC2 instance (the same thing that Netflix servers run on). Looks like Verizon (our network provider) is throttling our video content download -- I connected via VPN (so the traffic is encypted, Verizon can't know what it is), and on other non-Verizon networks, and the stream is just fine. Anybody else having this problem?

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    I wonder if AT&T DSL is doing the same thing on my home network. I consistently get 12mbps download yet streaming content never gets above 2mbps. Could they be throttling streaming content?

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