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Thread: Storage on EC2

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    Default Storage on EC2

    Hi there ... I've started a couple of instances on Amazon which comes with 160GB of storage
    I see there are 2 drives on that instance

    Being xvda2 the one with higher space, and Wowza being installed on xvda1 ... is it /content folder already mapped to use the bigger instance in case I start using DVR for recording?


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    Yes, if you are using the Wowza EC2 pre-built AMIs, the /content and /logs folders are mapped to the larger drive.


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    Hi Richard ... I don't think it is the case. I did a test, and content folder takes space on the xvda1, which is only 30GB
    To use the larger drive (xvda2, which is 140GB) I had to set the recordings on /media/ephemeral0

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