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Thread: Sync/Event delay bug

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    Default Sync/Event delay bug

    My issue is both wired and complicated...

    Bug Description:

    We have complex Video chat / whiteboard application with a re connection logic.

    we added button to that calls wowza setShutdownClient in order to check this reconnection logic.

    we had many wired with sheredobject syncing related problems after/while reconnection , which we almost fixed (maybe they r relevant to this story but its long?)

    but the main issue now is that when you press the disconnect button you get immediately NetStatusEvent Closed from the wowza in the client side.
    but Only for MAC clients (or at least we think that its only for mac and we think its only on 1 of our 2 servers) sometimes (1 out of 20) you get the Call on the wowza and the disconnection immediately but the NetStatusEvent Closed gets to the client only after 20 seconds. (all other clients see that this client was disconnected except him).
    further more if you use your camera/mic and others broadcast theirs the issue happens 1 out of 2 tests.

    Sorry but i have to add something.
    recently we found that one environment that used to get this "delay in disconnecting event" all the time in every test in all browsers (we were working on port 80 (rtmp)) the thing that fixed this was us changing the wowza to work on port 1935 instead of 80. (wired right? we have 2 servers different locations same problem same fix).

    Any ideas will be very helpful to us



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    I'm really not sure about these cases you describe, except that it is most likely a network issue. The unPublish notification, in my tests, goes right through.


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