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Thread: MPEG2MPTS:processNewBuffer: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException

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    Default MPEG2MPTS:processNewBuffer: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException


    I use Panasonic IP camera.
    I force it (camera device) to publish RTP packets to UDP port let it be p1 = 10500 on IP i1 =

    I use stream file:
      "uri": "udp://",
    There is no video output in player.
    I see the following warning:
    MPEG2MPTS:processNewBuffer: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Transport packet started with 0x90

    If we use RTSP url video will work.
    It's Ok.

    But, RTSP is just signaling protocol, media is deliveried via RTP over UDP or TCP.
    So where is a problem when we just push RTP packets to known UDP port?

    Richard, we use payed version of Wowza. Solutions to this problem will increase a number of our licenses.

    Gstreamer / FFMPEG does opens the stream.

    Thanks any ideas appreciated.
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    Can you please provide the video codec you are sending from the camera.


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    having the same problem here with a Funkwerk encoder.

    Did you solve that problem?

    Thanks, Stephan

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    Hello Stephan,

    This error:
    MPEG2MPTS:processNewBuffer: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Transport packet started with...
    Potentially looks like an encoder issue. It could be that your encoder is splitting MPEG transport packets, and across the UDP packet boundaries.
    Usually encoders have a way of configuring this.

    Here is a forum response from a similar situation:
    My encoder was set to the normal setting of 7 MPEG packets per IP packet.

    Through an educated guess based on your suggestion of splitting packets, I changed the encoder to output only 1 MPEG packet per UDP packet, restarted the stream, and it came right up.
    If you are still having trouble with this please open a ticket by sending the following folders zipped to

    Wowza may then request additional information, such as the following:

    A screenshot of your exact live encoder settings.

    A copy of your .stream file(s).

    A sample of a problematic VOD asset (media file).

    A sample recording of a problematic incoming stream.

    Kind regards,


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