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Thread: WSE Manager: how to restrict access by ip ?

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    Default WSE Manager: how to restrict access by ip ?

    Is it possible to whitelist a list of ips who get access to the manager web interface, or is the firewall the only option ? Also, is there a way to auto login (e.g. http://userass@server:8088), use ldap integration, ... ?

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    Hi Florent, please see this guide:
    How to connect to remote Streaming Engine installations (whitelist)


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    Thanks, i saw this, but it's just moving the problem somewhere else: if i understand correctly, the whitelist only applies to the connection between the manager and the server, not between the client and the manager. I understand that moving the manager behind a firewall will do the trick, but here i'm hoping to restrict per ip directly on the manager interface.

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    Florent, forgive me if I do not understand what you are trying to do. But there is a level of security via "Users". If someone tries to access the Manager they will need to log in with a user name and password. If they do not have an account, they will not be able to access the Manager interface.


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    Of course, but someone could bruteforce it, DDoS, or other tricks (SQL injection, CSRF, ... who knows). Sounds like good practice not to let anyone access the admin login interface, a bit like an ssh server... Especially on a publically accessible server

    Anyway, firewall is the way to go then. Thank you anyway.

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    You are right Florent, there is no way to do this with Wowza, a firewall to restrict certain IPs is the answer.


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