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Thread: Problem with local and external IP

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    Default Problem with local and external IP


    I am having trouble getting Wowza to work on my local PC across the local network and also on my external IP.

    I can access Wowza both through localhost and my [static ip]:1935 and have also assigned my PC a static IP.

    My main aim is to get Wowza to work with Adobe Live Media Encoder or an alternative, onto the web and across the local network.

    I can't seem to work out what is preventing it from working.

    I'd appreciate any help you could give me.



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    Hi James,

    Accessing Wowza from outside the firewall, from the public Internet, will require some maintenance on your primary router/firewall. In enterprise environments, this will likely involve a requisition process while in a small business or home environment, opening ports is possible by logging in to the router user interface.

    We are not equipped to support your particular router/firewall, however, we can offer some useful resources. These are the general steps:

    1. Visit and note your public IP address.
    2. Login to your router and forward traffic on the ports required for streaming to your computer/server IP address

    For help with many common router configurations, visit
    3. When access has been established, test the connection from a computer/device, outside your firewall, using this URL in a web browser:


    This should return some version information, which confirms that you have established connectivity and are ready to begin streaming.

    I hope you find this helpful.


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