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Thread: Live mpegts (h264+klv) streaming

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    Post Live mpegts (h264+klv) streaming

    We have an mpegts stream that includes h264 video and klv data . We generate klv and wowza just have to serve it. I added force mpegts out property field and mpegts flush every packet field to my application.xml. But wowza outputs just include h264 video . Lost klv data. How can i handle this problem ? This is very important feature for us. Can we solve this problem with wowza capabilities ?

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    As far as I know, and it has come up before, KLV data is not supported.


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    ı meant not klv support. I know wowza has only video and audio codecs. In our scenario , we have complete klv packet and we want from wowza just serve it . Is it possible and if it is possible how can i do this ?

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    Hi, this is same as this thread


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