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Thread: rtsp rebroadcast

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    Default rtsp rebroadcast

    Hi, I'm trying to rebroadcast the below rtsp:

    doesn't seem to work,is it because of th 3gp format?


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    Are you seeing any indication of what the issue might be in the logs? You can start Wowza in stand alone mode /bin/startup.bat( on Mac) and view the output in the console.

    It looks like the udp ports are blocked or not mapped properly to the server Running Wowza.
    Please review this troubleshooting guide:
    How to troubleshoot RTSP/RTP playback

    In particular this section of the guide:
    Networking (UDP and TCP setup)


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    thank you Salvadore, I use the csf firewall on the server, I disable the firewall, so I suppose all ports are open and the rebroadcast still doesn't work.

    on the conf/VHost.xml, the ports 1935, 554 and 8080 are opened.

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    I got this stream working.

    I create a .stream file in the content folder, with this URL as the contents:
    Open Stream Manager ([wowza-ip]:8086/streammanager) and choose the application. "start receiving stream" select MediaCaster Type "rtp" and Stream Name ""
    It took a few seconds to start in the player.

    See if that helps.


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    yes, it is working now, not sure why was not working at the beginning.

    Thank you.

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    Great! Thanks for the update and glad I could help.


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