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Thread: GoCoder problems and feature requests

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    Default GoCoder problems and feature requests

    We've been using GoCoder for a few months now and up till the recent 1.4 release it was pretty good. Unfortunatey, 1.4 is a regression.

    It no longer displays any error messages. For example, if the publish username or password is entered incorrectly, there is no message to tell the user that the login failed. We have mobile users in the field that get really frustrated. Our application is highly automated so it is not sufficient to say "check the server logs", there may not be anyone available to do so for some time.

    Frequently, when stopping GoCoder after streaming for some time, the app crashes. While not a huge problem, it is annoying.

    Requested Enhancements:
    1. Bring back error messages. Even better would be to write to an app log on the iphone and have an option to display the log.
    2. Allow more flexibility in setting the bit rate. Why not allow *any* value.
    3. Allow setting of priority when up against the bit rate limit, priority to fps, or image quality or balance between both.
    4. Have the ability to overlay some text on the video with the option of displaying the date and time.
    5. Allow direct control over the amount of compression.

    Items 2 thru 5 (in order of importance) are based in what we get from the Axis P3364 cameras we use at the moment.
    We have limited bandwidth at some of our remote sites and limit the cameras to 450Kbps with priority given to frame rate. This has worked really well and the image quality is very acceptable.

    We appreciate everything you do to make Wowza products best of breed. Keep up the good work!


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    Thanks very much for the valuable feedback, it is really appreciated.
    I'll pass this information to our product marketing team, where it may be considered for the future.
    This provides no promises of the features being added, nor any time scales for such.

    "Frequently, when stopping GoCoder after streaming for some time, the app crashes. While not a huge problem, it is annoying."

    Can you tell us more about the crashes, when they happen, and more importantly, are the crashes reproducible?
    This information is valuable to help resolve the crash problem.

    Best regards,

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    Hi, I keep seeing the popup Limited Bandwidth.... continuously. I understand after the first time that there is an issue, but since there is nothing I can do about it, can we disable this notification optionally? Is there a configure URL deep link option to disable this notification?

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    Hello Smartblonde,

    Thank you for the info, unfortunatly this is not a configurable item within the application today. With that said I will pass this feedback along to our product team for review and consideration for a future release. Please keep in mind that this does not guarantee that this request will be implemented.

    If you have any interest in development, we just recently released our GoCoder SDK; details of which can be found here. This does require knowledge of mobile application development but will allow you the freedom to utilize the GoCoder platform to create your own mobile encoder.



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    great post! tks

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