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Thread: No Video in the recorded MP4 files

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    Default No Video in the recorded MP4 files

    During a live event, we enable recording for the streams.
    The streams were recorded in MP4 format.
    While I can see them playing fine if streamed through Wowza, but when I downloaded the file locally and played with VLC Player I can't see any video only audio.
    The codecs used were VP6/H264 and MP3.

    How do I fix this issue?

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    Wowza only supports VP6 to Flash RTMP clients, and is not recorded to file. If you have the option to use H.264 video from the encoder that would be the solution.


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    The recordings made with h.264 and MP3 to an .mp4 container in Wowza should playback in VLC as files. If the video is VP6 you should record to an .flv container, and that should work in VLC.

    What does VLC report in Tools > Codec info with the problem files?


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