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Thread: Wowza streaming for IP camera with HTTP URI not working

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    Default Wowza streaming for IP camera with HTTP URI not working


    We want to use Wowza streaming engine for one of the feature which we are developing. As a part of this feature, we need to show feeds from multiple IP camera on the website. We have the IP cameras from AXIS communications.

    We are not sure how to give the URI in streams, we have HTTP URIs for the cameras. We followed the tutorial to create Live application with the HTTP URI which we have but when we tried to play it on the test player, we got a message saying "Source stream or file could not be found or access was denied.".

    Later, we followed the steps in this tutorial link:

    and while creating Stream and publishing we selected Shoutcast. When we tried playing on the Test player we got the following status messages at different times:

    " is now published" and "Playing"

    but the player remained blank and nothing happened.

    We are not sure how to solve this issue and make wowza streaming engine work for us. Due to some configuration issues we are not able to get RTSP URI for the cameras. Can you please let us know how to solve our issue. Can we use Wowza with HTTP URI? Any help willbe highly appreciated.

    Note: We were not able to try HTTP Live Origin application since it is not available for trial license


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    Hi there, please take a look at this guide:
    How to re-stream video from an IP camera (RTSP/RTP re-streaming)
    This guide may also help in sorting this out:
    Common IP Camera RTSP URL formats

    At present HTTP ingress is only supported for ShoutCAST streams.


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