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Thread: Wowza GoCoder Streaming Server Limitation?

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    Default Wowza GoCoder Streaming Server Limitation?

    Is GoCoder limited to only publishto Wowza Streaming Server or can it be used to publish video to other servers?

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    The iOS version may work with other servers, you would have to test. The Android version will probably not work with other servers because it uses the wowz protocol. And the iOS version will be using the wowz protocol in a version in the near future, so it will not work with other servers in that and future versions.


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    Is there an advantages to using the wowz protocol for encoder <-> communication? Is this a step Wowza is taking to force users of GoCoder to use Wowza Streaming Engine?

    It would be nice if I could buy a license for a mobile encoder (GoCoder) and use that app with a server of my choosing. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of Wowza Streaming Engine, but I'm not a fan of this business tactic.

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    We always do appreciated feedback with our products.

    GoCoder is designed and sold to run with Wowza Streaming Engine and so as additional features and platforms are developed then using the Wowz protocol allows us to leverage as many features as possible within Streaming Engine.


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