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Thread: Multiple chunks as one recording (playlist)

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    Default Multiple chunks as one recording (playlist)


    We have a set S1 of chunks
    Let it be S1 and chunks: c1,
    Duration of each chunk is 3-5 minutes.

    Ho to stream a set of chunks as a single video with SEEK, PAUSE, PLAY.
    (we cannot use FFMPEG concat)

    Any ideas appreciated.

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    What sort of playback is this for?

    If it is all RTMP then you can do it server side using a module that overrides the play command and loads each of the chunks or you can do the same with a custom player by calling the command repeatedly.

    If for HTTP playback, there currently isn't a way to do this on the server so needs to be done using Javascript on the player side.


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    We use HLS streaming + VOD.

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    With HLS clients are involved there is not a way to do this with just Wowza. As Roger mentioned, you can do it for RTMP clients, as shown in this guide. This can be accomplished directly in RTMP client with a series of commands."file1.mp4",null,true);"file2.mp4",null,false);"file2.mp4",null,false);
    Note the 3rd arg (reset) is set to true in the first play command and false in the following.

    This will play file1, file2 and file3 as one vod stream. The client-side and server-side methods are essentially the same and only work with RTMP clients.


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