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Thread: repeating from a Secured Origin

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    Default repeating from a Secured Origin

    Hi there ... I need to be able to re-stream from an Origin which is configured with Secure Content Protection
    But my new re-streamer needs to pull all the streams from the StartupStreams.xml, following .stream files, not as a live-edge set
    Due to the protection, I can't re-stream .... how can I do that? Is there any way to build a token always valid to configure on the .stream files? (I know the shared secret set on the origin)


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    If the origin is running Secure Token, you can use the following property on your edges to connect to it.

    You can set the property as an Application level property or a MediaCaster level property. You can also set it for individual .stream files if using advanced stream files (json format). This is handy if you have multiple origins that have different settings.

    This will tell the mediaCaster to use secure token when connecting to the origin. You don't need to have secure token enabled on the edges.


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    I guess what I'm looking for is the advanced .stream file you mention
    So, a .stream file with following info should make the trick?

    uri : "rtmp://",
    lsrSecureTokenOriginSharedSecret : "token_value"


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    yes, that should work.


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