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    Default Basic Questions help

    I've updated from version 3 to v4 streaming engine on a Windows 2012 Server. License is a monthly fee based.

    Created a new VOD application and set the Content Directory to :E:/Websites/ClientsSite/Movies

    I have a Domain that I expect should be able to now stream from this location but it does not. I am using the JW Player and find the whole movie has to download before it plays.

    Granted, that looks to be the same case for the Help Video on this subject but this can;t be the case..

    On the server using the Streaming Engine Manager, I can put in the address of a test file within the new application and it plays immediately (streams).

    But remotely the whole movie needs to download before it plays.
    Linking to the movies is dynamic based on a user selection but the path is as shown:
    file: '',

    Is the problem as simple as not specifying a port in the link to the file so as to pass through the Media Server?

    Thank you to anyone that can help

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    From the Quick Start Guide :
    I'm seeing that the path convention should be:

    This fails in the JW Player and when accessed via a browser it downloads the .mpd file

    If I strip off the Manifest type and try a browser connection it tells me the Media Server version such as :

    Result: Wowza Streaming Engine 4 Monthly Edition 4.0.3 build10989

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    While not working perfectly I do have a stream via the JW Player using the following:

    file: 'rtmp://{wowza}:1935/AppName/

    For some reason .mov files that are larger do not properly show the progress bar and constantly flip back to a loading overlay graphic...but I expect this is more suited for discussion in the JW Player forums.

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