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Thread: wowza dynamically add publishers with PHP

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    Default wowza dynamically add publishers with PHP


    Basically my website concept is the following: people can register, they are given a token, and then they can start streaming using their credentials.
    It's already working great on AMS, but i'd like to move to Wowza for some reasons.

    So what 'id like to achieve are:
    - Being able to add new publishers via my php scripts, dynamically. not manually through the web-based wowza admin interface.
    - Being able to provide to the newly created publisher a secure token (salted md5 or hmac sha256, etc) so that nobody can "hijack" his channel. only that specific publisher will be able to stream (or anyone who knows that passphrase/token).

    NB: I currently have Wowza 4 Trial Edition only since i want to get familiar with it first and eventually decide if I swap from AMS to Wowza.

    I've spent a lot of time digging the documentation and google but nothing is even close to what i want to do really.
    Any hint will be appreciated.



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    This is possible using Wowza but will require some custom work on your end.

    To secure publishing to an application, a username and passwords can be configured on a per application basis, so without knowing the application name, username and password the publisher will not be able to publish.
    How to use a per application publish.password file

    You could have scripts which create the required files, folders and configuration for the application.

    We also have a central configuration tool which may be of use to you.

    You may want to get some assistance with a project like this by hiring a consultant. We have a list of independent consultants which is available on request by email -
    Alternatively you can post in the Find a consultant forum.


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