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Thread: Does the Wowza Media Server support 'a=3GPP-Adaptation-Support' ?

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    Default Does the Wowza Media Server support 'a=3GPP-Adaptation-Support' ?

    Dear Sir,

    I'm concerned with the RTSP/RTP streaming of the Wowza Media Server(WMS in short).

    As far as I know, 3GPP-Adaptation-Support means bitrate adaptation capability.

    Does the WMS support bitrate adaptation mechanism of RTSP/RTP streaming?

    I have never seen a=3GPP-Adaptation-support field in SDP strings from WMS.

    I think it should give that field in them if it would support birate adaptation mechanism of RTSP/RTP streaming.

    Thanks in advance,
    Phillip Lee.

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    Hi Phillip,

    There is not support for ABR in RTSP playback using Wowza. You can ingest a stream over RTSP then transcode to multiple renditions using the Wowza Transcoder.


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