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Thread: SMIL file where should it be located?

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    Default SMIL file where should it be located?

    No problem with single streams using the new Wowza server 4.0.3 on EC2 works great...doing LIVE streams to all different devices

    But adaptive bitrates, how should it be set up...have of course read a lot of documents on this. We are using JWPlayer and FMS encoder.

    The SMIL file should it only be located in content directory of the Wowza server?

    Should there also be a copy of it in the JWPlayer directory?

    What should the proper stream ID value be in the FMS encoder?

    There must of course be a relation between the names used in the SMIL file and the stream ID?

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    You'll find information on how to do this with JWplayer in this guide here

    Using this method and the streams from your FMLE, you can create a simple .smil that will live in the Wowza content folder.

    You then stream set the stream name in FMLE to MyStream%i then use MyStream1, MyStream2, etc in the the smil file.

    JW player then uses the URL generated smil as shown in the guide linked to above.


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