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    I am a Wowza userand I use the system apx 2-3 times in month. Now I use EC2 based on DevPay License- but every time I have to configure whole system - it takes about 1 hour with tests. Now I am looking for server which I could configure only once and then use with the same setings. My question is:
    1. Do you provide servers or sites which I can use for my orgin server- I need 150 users for 1,5Mb. I would like to pay monthly invoice for server
    2. Can I configure Wowza in a way that if my users will be over 150, system will switch me to CDN i.e. ?
    3. What do you think about EC2 or S3 Amazon service for my idea ?

    Thank you in advance

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    Yes, the AWS Marketplace Wowza AMIs are EBS backed volumes which allow for stopping and starting, rather than just terminating. The Standard version is similar to devpay in that you do not need a separate license. It does require a separate subscription with AWS. I recommend using the Marketplace AMIs.


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