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Thread: Problems with Scheduled Streaming

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    Default Problems with Scheduled Streaming


    I have just tried setting up the Server Side Scheduled streaming following the guide here:

    I have added the Server Listener, added the streamPublisher module to the Application "test".

    I have added the following Properties to Server:
    Root/Server - streamPublisherVHost - String - _defaultVHost_
    Root/Server - streamPublisherApplication - String - test/_definst_
    Root/Server - streamPublisherSmilFile - String - streamschedule.smil

    I have added the following Properties to Application "test":
    Root/Application - streamPublisherSmilFile - String - streamschedule.smil

    I have created a streamschedule.smil using the example code on the setup page:


    <stream name="Stream1"></stream>
    <stream name="Stream2"></stream>

    <playlist name="pl1" playOnStream="Stream1" repeat="true" scheduled="2013-09-25 16:00:00">
    <video src="mp4:sample.mp4" start="5" length="5"/>
    <video src="mp4:sample.mp4" start="50" length="5"/>
    <video src="mp4:sample.mp4" start="150" length="5"/>

    <playlist name="pl2" playOnStream="Stream1" repeat="true" scheduled="2013-09-25 16:30:00">
    <video src="mp4:sample.mp4" start="0" length="-1"/>

    <playlist name="pl3" playOnStream="Stream2" repeat="true" scheduled="2013-09-25 16:00:00">
    <video src="mp4:sample.mp4" start="30" length="5"/>


    I have put it in the "content" folder of the server.

    What I need to now check is how I am able to view the stream, the guide says:
    You can playback the streams by configuring a player as you would for any other live stream. Use the stream name that's set in the SMIL file.

    But when I try and view the stream at rtmp://wowza-ip-address/test/Stream1 in the Test Players of Wowza Streaming Engine I get:
    Source stream or file could not be found or access was denied.

    Is there something I'm missing here?

    I am running a Developer License with version 4.0.3 build10989

    I plan on using Wowza to be Transcoding my stream to 4 streams and then using the PushPublishModule to push those streams to 2 CDNs. Will I be able to use server side streams and the ModuleLoopUntilLive for with this workflow?



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    In your log files, you should see messages reporting that the StreamPublisher has loaded the schedule and started each of the streams. It will also log any errors. Please look at the logs to see if it is reporting any issues. Post a snippet of the logs here or send to along with a description of the issue and a link to this thread. Please also zip up your conf folder and send in if emailing support.


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    Hi Roger,

    Got to the bottom of the issue and all is working well now and I can see the loaded schedule and watch the streams.

    My next problem is a getting it all to work the way I want it to.

    My setup is that there is a recorded file looping on the server, "clip1.mp4" in a playlist in server going on a server stream "serverStream".

    I then have "serverStream" switch to a live stream "liveStream", using the ModuleLoopUntilLive, and I can see the live stream come through.

    I then then record "liveStream" when for a specific duration that the live stream is running, saved as "clip2.mp4"

    I then want to update the streamschedule.smil so that clip1.mp4 is replaced with clip2.mp4.

    If I update the stream schedule using the LoadSchedule example while the "liveStream" is still running, I see that at the scheduled time that switches over to "clip2.mp4" but when I disconnect the "liveStream" encoder it switches back to "clip1.mp4" that it had loaded before the live stream connected. Is this the correct behaviour? And if so how would I go about changing it?

    Does the loopUntilLiveReloadEntirePlayist property for the ModuleLoopUntilLive not reload the playlist and load the new content when the Live Stream disconnects or am I not understanding that properly?


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    Maybe you need this.
    How to fix incorrect stream path problems with some Flash players (ModuleFixStreamPath)
    look =>

    Good luck.

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    If you have the schedule setup as an application module, you have to re-start the application, which means disconnecting playback clients, to reload the schedule.


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    When you use ModuleLoopUntilLive along with the scheduler, it takes over the playlist and stores it locally so it can reload it. Any changes made to the schedule will be lost when the live stream ends and the original schedule will be reloaded.

    There are a few things you can do.
    1. Modify the playlist that the loop module has stored at the same time that you modify the schedule. This way, both will stay in sync. You would reload the schedule as normal and it will switch to the new file. In the loop module, you would have to parse the stream playlist and update the locally stored playlist. See the swapToLive method to see how it is done.

    2. If you don't want the playlist to update immediately when you make the new video file available then you should just modify the playlist that is stored in the loop module instead of reloading the schedule. The updates will then take effect when the live stream ends. See the methods in the server api.

    3. Use the current scheduler and loop module as a starting point and create your own custom implementation. These are basic examples but don't cover all scenarios.


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